Drupon Samten and lama Dorjey

Drupon Samtem Rinpoche, along with Lama Dorjey, performed the consecration ceremony for the Green Tara fabric thangka in “Creating Buddhas”.

Drupon Samtem (left) is the Spiritual Director of Drikung Kyobpa Choling, Escondido, CA. He was born in the Himalayan Mountains of Ladakh and entered the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Lama Yuru at age six.

Lama Tsewang Dorjey (right) is a resident lama at Drikung Kyobpa Choling. At the age of seven, he became a monk at Phyang Monastery located in Leh, Ladakh. In 1998 he participated in Tibetan Buddhist dance tour for world peace after receiving special training at Drikung Kagyu Institute in monastic ritual musical instruments, sacred dance, and religious ceremonies.

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